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Current Affairs quiz with Answers

If you aspire to clear any type of competitive exam, it is most important to recognise the significance of staying up-to-date with daily current affairs. 
Current Affairs is an essential section that one must read while preparing for any type of competitive exam.
To get the desired result, it is important to pay special attention to current affairs, For this reason, you should keep giving tests like the current affairs quiz with answer.

Basically,  these types of quiz tests cover a wide range of topics, including politics, economics, science, sports, and technology, among others. 
Keeping oneself updated with current affairs not only enhances one’s knowledge but also boosts confidence and improves the chances of performing well in the competitive exam.

Current Affairs Quiz with Answers Will help you increase your general knowledge.

Current Affairs quiz with Answers 2023

#1. National League for Democracy’ is a famous political party based in which country?

#2. Proba-3 Mission’, which will be launched aboard ISRO’s PSLV, is associated with which space agency?

#3. Lynx-U2 System’ is an indigenously developed naval gun fire control system, manufactured by which institution?

#4. World Bank approved 100 million USD loan for implementation of State Capability and Resilient Growth Program of which state?

#5. World Health Organisation (WHO) certified which countries as Malaria-free recently?

#6. Schengen area’ is associated with which association?

#7. Salar de Atacama’ is the largest salt flat found in which country?



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Current Affairs quiz with Answers

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